Is Roof Damage Weighing On Your Mind?

Is Roof Damage Weighing On Your Mind?

Get a free roof inspection in El Paso, TX

Concerned about your roof's condition? Hire the preferred roof leak detection contractors in El Paso, TX. B & D Contractors offers free roof inspection services. Our team will even help you handle your insurance claim by working directly with your insurance provider.

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When to get a roof inspection

You should arrange for a roof inspection...

  • After a major storm: Undetected damage can lead to long-term water damage. Have your roof inspected after any hail storm or hurricane.
  • Before buying a home: Make sure you know what condition your potential home's roof is in before you agree on a price.
  • Before selling a home: As a seller, you need to know what state your home is in to avoid any surprises and delays during the selling process.
  • Every three years: If nothing else, you should get a roof inspection-including roof leak detection-at least once every three years as part of regular home maintenance.

Finding the source of a leak isn't a straightforward task. Work with a roof leak detection expert from B & D Contractors to pinpoint the location of your leak.